Craft Books

Need some inspiration? Get into a reading habit, not only it will make you smarter but also creative. We have included some children books so your kids can enjoy as well.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

HungryCaterpillar book cover

You can’t miss this book. It has wonderful illustrations by Eric Carle. The colorful drawings will inspire you to create something beautiful. It is about a caterpillar who can’t stop eating and devouring anything that it can eat. What’s really beautiful is that it turned to a beautiful butterfly. You and your kids will enjoy turning the pages over and over again.

Knitting with Giant Needles

knitting with big needles book cover

This book by  Hanna Charlotte Erhorn is for people who want to start knitting. This books gives you step by step guide on how you can make knots to make beautiful knitted stuff. Everything you need to know about knitting can be found on this books so you don’t have to browse the internet to get started. It teaches you what materials you should buy to get started your knitting.

Craft, Show & Sell

craft, show, sell book cover

Thinking about turning your craftsmanship into a business? Then this book is for you. It gives you ideas on how you can market your creations. What we really like about this book is that it gives you an honest experience on what its like to make money through art. Selling art is not easy but once you read this book you’ll find it doable.

The Exquisite Book of Paper Flowers

book of equisite flowers

This book will give you ideas on how you turn papers into beautiful flowers. It is really straight forward and informative. We read this book because there was an event with limited budget. We helped our event organizer friend to design the event. For us, an event wont be complete with flowers so we made flowers out of paper. This book helped us do it the right way.